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Mark Johnson was raised in Agincourt.  For over twenty years, Mark has been a lawyer in government and business.  He has held senior executive roles in large businesses but he’s also a small businessman with suppliers in Scarborough.  He’s also a community volunteer who donates time to the community.  Mark has been married for 21 years to Dr. Nina Malayil, a family doctor and a native of Scarborough.  They have two teenaged children.

Mark graduated from Agincourt Collegiate, earned degrees in Economics (University of Toronto) and Law (University of Ottawa) including a Master of Laws (Osgoode Hall).   

Following almost ten years in the private sector, Mark entered the Ontario public service in 2007. He became general counsel at eHealth Ontario and led the legal department before, during, and after a corporate leadership crisis, intense political and media scrutiny, and a restructuring caused by a major CEO ethics scandal.  Subsequently he returned to the private sector as general counsel to an IT firm with offices in five countries.  Mark then returned to public service as the general counsel at Toronto Community Housing where he learned of the many issues confronting public housing—affordability, poverty, and safety.

In 2010, chasing a dream, Mark launched a Canadian-made men’s clothing line that now sells across the country.

Mark volunteers for many philanthropic causes, most notably an international children’s charity.  He did two fundraisers for two digital libraries in Tamil Nadu, India.

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